Our compositions

Below are our compositions in different languages. You can listen to the demo versions and contact us if you are interested in any of the below songs.

Baat Itni Kaafi Hai (Love/ Romantic) – Hindi

Itne Pyaare Kaise Ho (Love/ Romantic) – Hindi

Gammat kari gayu (Ghazal) – Gujarati

Jhutthi Vaat (Love/ Romantic) – Gujarati

Prem ma Padi Jaiye (Love/ Romantic/Peppy) – Gujarati

Mulakaat (Love/Romantic/First Date) – Hindi

Tu Gami gayo chhe (Love/Jazz) – Gujarati

Kahaan (Sad/Failure) – Hindi

Aa Kehvu Jeevan Chhe (Sad) – Gujarati

Maine Jaana (Love/Romantic) – Hindi

Tu Hai Wahi (Love/Romantic) – Hindi

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